sam angeli designer

About Me

I'm a multidisciplinary designer originally from London, England. I graduated from London Southbank Uninversity in 2004 with a HND in graphic design, although my career in design started some years earlier working as a photographic retoucher. I have worked in-house (client side) and for agencies for many years now. I started my career in Graphic Design, creating logos, brochures, learning what I could from some very clever people. I moved in to Web Design and Front End Development soon after and used what skills I had learned previously to enhance my work. In April of 2010 I began working in Mobile App Design, a new field at the time and I haven't looked back since. I love simple design, but even more love to make something look simple to a user when in actual fact the work behind it was way more complex.

I moved to California in early 2013 with my wife and we have since had a baby girl. We live in the South Bay and when we first got here it was something of a culture shock for us. We looked up constantly waiting for the rain... it never came and we love it. I love living the Bay Area, for me it really is the place to be when it comes to working in design at the moment. There are so many, creative and innovative people around. When I'm not working (the rare few hours), I like to go swimming with the family and actually take walks in the park, grab beers with friends, go to the movies and play around with other design ideas I may have.